About tdp

Tipperary Dance Platform

Tipperary Dance Platform is a platform for the development of dance in County Tipperary, Ireland. The platform coordinates and delivers the annual TDP’ international dance festival, a range of resources for professional dance artists, and a programme to engage with the community and dance audiences.

The TDP’ festival is a cutting edge international contemporary dance festival dedicated to be a festive event for the community a hub where dance artists performa, training and network, and a celebration for dance in County Tipperary. TDP’ stages work made by Irish-based artists, and introduces works from artists from other countries who, in most cases, perform in Ireland for the first time.
TDP’ provides a touring venue for established companies, and a performance space for artists who are hosted during the year as part of Tipperary Dance Platform’s pro resource programme.
Apart from delivering high quality contemporary Art, the festival involves the local community into dance practise by inviting adults and children to take part in a dedicated programme of dance classes.

Tipperary Dance Platform’s pro resources programme includes the TRY! residencies, TDP’LABoratory, and TDP’s master class programme (see pro resources).

Tipperary Dance Platform’s outreach programme includes year-round activities, mainly focused on a comprehensive dance in schools programme, and the All Day Do Dance events that invite the community to practise dance during an entire day and discover various styles for all ages.


Tipperary Dance Residency

Initiated in 2008, TDR – Tipperary Dance Residency – is the driving force behind Tipperary Dance Platform. It is based on a partnership between the Tipperary County Council Arts Service, Tipperary Excel Arts Centre, and two dancers: Jazmin Chiodi & Alexandre Iseli. Aiming to build a long-term and comprehensive program for the development of dance, the Resident artists structured the programme around three objectives:

  1.  Generating a dance culture in the County Tipperary.
  2. Providing resources for professional dance in regional Ireland.
  3. Providing artistic resources for the resident artists.

Through a successful collaboration with the local and national authorities, and collaborating internationally with resource centres, venues and artists, the Residency supports:

Tipperary Dance Platform and and the programme described above.

Iseli-Chiodi Dance Company. Born with the support of TDR, and benefits from its infrastructures to provide a context for choreographic research and creation. The company has toured internationally, in Ireland, Korea, USA, Mexico, France, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Brazil and Venezuela.