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Dancing in Tipperary since 2008

Since 2008, Alexandre Iseli and Jazmin Chiodi are resident Artists at Tipperary Dance Residency, based at the Tipperary Excel Arts Centre in Ireland, where they have built the Tipperary Dance Platform project: a pioneering programme for the development of the arts in a rural environment, an integrated dance programme dedicated to the development of Contemporary dance in Tipperary. Tipperary Dance Platform takes place through three different strands:

Iseli-Chiodi Dance Company

Iseli-Chiodi dance company hosts Alexandre and Jazmin’s professional artistic projects for creation and repertoire.

More info: www.iselichiodi.com

Tipperary Dance Platform, year-round programme

The Tipperary Dance Platform year-round programme engages with both the professional dance community and the local community to create, support and entertain a contemporary dance culture in the county.  This includes: encouraging the practice of dance in the community through workshops and events, providing resources for companies and professional artists, providing resources for emerging dancers, capacitating the resources available across the country, and building the profile of the Excel Arts Centre as a centre for dance locally, nationally and internationally.

More info:   Community   |   Professionals

TDP’ international dance festival

TDP’  is Tipperary Dance Platform’s international festival. Since 2010, the festival has been bringing the best of dance from the world to County Tipperary, staging shows and events in the towns of Tipperary, Nenagh, Thurles and Clonmel. This annual event invites audiences for to a full week of dance showcasing the latest works of choreographers and film makers.

TDP’ includes live performances, screendance projections, masterclass programmes, symposiums, training/investigation laboratories for dancers and choreographers, classes for the community, exhibitions, and installations. Tipperary Dance Platform is characterised by its careful curation, cutting edge programme, and friendly atmosphere: a vibrant festive gathering and the best of Irish hospitality for audiences, participants and artists.

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