Chey Jurado (Spain)

Free of charge | All ages

Chey Jurado’s presence at TDP’17 includes a series of Performances in public spaces for young audiences

Mon 9 October

19.00 | South Tipperary Arts Centre, at the Festival opening night

Tue 10 October

11.30 | Nenagh Public Library
18.30 | Nenagh Arts Centre, as part of the TRY! Platform

Wed 11 October

11.30 | Clonmel Public Library

Thur 12 October

11.30 | Thurles Public Library


Agua (water) is an extract of the piece Sentinel that unfolds the four primary components that form our environment: water, earth, fire and air. The piece describes and interprets the different states, shapes and textures that water can take: solid, liquid, gaseous, boiling, flowing, beating. Water can carry life, or sometimes take it away.



Creation and interpretation: Chey Jurado

Music: Diego Garrido

Cultural Promoter: Bernabé Rubio – Rotativa Performing Arts


About Chey Jurado

Spanish dancer-choreographer Chey Jurado started his career as a self-taught dancer in urban styles (bboying, popping and locking). Following his interest for other disciplines, he quickly discovered and learned other more academic styles such as line salsa, pilates and modern dance, never leaving on the side the urban world to which he belonged. He traveled to world scale events, and was acknowledged ‘best dancer’ in many of them : triple REDBULL champion, BC ONE Spain, Best show battle of the year, R16 Spain, etc. To this day, this domain mixing break and contemporary is what characterizes Chey Jurado’s work, and brings him to work with companies such as Lokomamia, Cia Jordi Vilaseca, Rojas y Rodriguez (Titanium) , Cia elias aguirre, Taiat Dansa. He currently directs and choreographs for his own company ’Compañia Senpü’.

Antonio Ovejero - Chey Jurado III Antonio Ovejero - Chey Jurado



Rotativa Performing Arts.

Antonio Ovejero - Chey Jurado
A spectacular mix of dance textures under the influence of urban dances