Au Plus Près du Monde

Cie 47•49 François Veyrunes (France)

Thur 13 & Sat 15 Oct | (Double-bill)
15 min. | All ages | Adults 10€ / Concessions 8€ / Children 5€ / One free class with each show ticket purchased

Veyrunes creates movements never seen before in slow motion… a properly stunning quest for plastic mobility. To see urgently (l’Humanité)

Thur 13 Oct, 8 pm

Double-bill with “Wrongheaded”
The Source Arts Centre, Thurles
Audience: All ages

Sat 15 Oct, 7.30 pm

Double-bill with “Morphoses”
Excel Arts Centre, Tipperary town
Audience: All ages

How can we experience and assume the archetypes of masculinity without enslaving or rebutting feminine archetypes? Each one of us is moved by inner forces of all kinds, invisible from the outside world. They root the singularity of our behaviours – be they private or social. “I am attempting to make these underlying forces visible and readable through choreogrpahic language.” Au plus près du monde received the Jury award and Audience award at the International Contemporary Dance Festival of the Canary Islands Masdanza 2014


Choreography: François Veyrunes
Choreography assistant/playwright: Christel Brink – Przygodda
In close collaboration with: Jeremy Kouyoumdjian and Sylvère Lamotte
Dance: Jeremy Kouyoumdjian and Sylvère Lamotte
Lighting design and technical direction: Philippe Veyrunes
soundscape: François Veyrunes and Stracho Temelkovski

About the artist

François Veyrunes developed his artistic approach with great enthusiasm and determination over the long term in Company 47•49. He sees time as an essential value in digging down ever deeper into the questions surrounding the meaning of life as individuals with their own challenges, creativity and free will. He grounds his creative work in artistic and human values to produce a choreography that is both in touch with the world and poetic.
Since the founding of Compagnie 47•49, François Veyrunes has created over 30 choreographies. Today, Companie 47•49 is expanding in multiple directions. Since 2009, the troupe has danced for increasingly large audiences and the latest plays have toured widely in France and abroad. In October 2014, Au plus près du monde, won both the Jury and the Public prizes at the MASDANZA international dance competition


The Compagnie 47•49 François Veyrunes is funded under a long-term agreement with Région Rhône-Alpes, and is funded by DRAC Rhône-Alpes, Ministary of Culture and Communication, Région Rhône-Alpes, Departmental council of Isère, City of Grenoble, City of Crolles, the Community of municipalities of Grésivaudan, the SPEDIDAM, InPACT Fondation, and the Adami. The company is in residence from 2014 until 2016 at Espace Paul Jargot – Crolles and the Community of municipalities of Grésivaudan.

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Au Plus Près du Monde (Close up to the world) is not about confrontation, it is about reaching a state where acceptance does not imply surrender.