Hope Hunt and the ascension into Lazarus

Oona Doherty (Northern Ireland)

Sat 14 October, 19.30
Tipperary Excel Arts Centre | Booking: 062 80 520
50 min. | 10€/8€/5€ (double-bill) - also see our bundles | 7 yrs+


Double-bill with ‘La Huesera’. 
The evening will be followed by a Hunter DJ set


‘An intelligent, raw and yet meticulously detailed performance.’ The Times.

‘Hope Hunt’ lies between the lines of physical theatre, social proclamation and dance. Oona Doherty performs a physical expression of the place between the flesh and the soul. Heaving lungs shout in the dark as Doherty takes you through a dirty Europe, from the dark and into the light like a bursting lightbulb. ‘Hope Hunt and the Ascension into Lazarus’ is an attempt to raise the male disadvantaged stereotype up into a bright white limbo. To make the smicks, the spides, the hoods, the neds, into the birds of a concrete paradise. This is a Hunt for Hope.

Hope Hunting lies between the lines of physical theatre, social proclamation and dance. A thumping black golf head lights on sits in waiting, Music thumping from its metal shield A man who is many men leeks in out of the metal beat, his story, A hunt for hope.
The performer mutates into separate entireties. Morphing from one character to the next. Through speech, movement, and sound we are twisted and contorted through ideas of masculinity, morality and nostalgia. Through wet forgotten roads of memory; the hunter takes the audience with him.



Choreography and performance: Oona Doherty

Stage sound: Chris McCorry

Lighting design: Simon Bird

Strength car music: Rory Moore

Technical management: Sarah Gordon


More about Oona Doherty

September 2016 Dublin Tigre Fringe Festival Best Performer Oona Doherty.

October 2016 Belfast International Arts Festival Artist in Residence.

January 2017 Hyde Bank Prison Belfast x1 Hope Hunt Performance + 3 weeks Hunters research with the inmates.

August 2017 Nominated Total theatre Award Edinburgh Fring Festival.

2017/18 Aerowaves selected artist. European Tour Dates + Workshops. (please see tour schedule for details)

Originally supported by Arts council NI. Now part of the Aerowaves European network. With special thanks to Neil Brown. Sarah Gordon. Rory Moore and Prime Cut productions.



April 2015 The Mac Belfast Evolve Platform commissioned new work performer Neil Brown. November 2015 Echoecho Festival Performer Neil Brown.

November 2015 Brace or break through Symposimum the MAC. The first performance of Lazarus and the birds of Paradise. created and performed by Oona Doherty.

April 2016 Galway Dance Days Performer Oona Doherty. The first incarnation of the Hope Hunt on the female frame. with the added car entrance and the finale scene of Lazarus. Performed and created by Oona Doherty.


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Hope Hunt - Oona Doherty
‘Hope Hunt and the ascension into Lazarus’ won the Dublin Tigre Fringe Best Performance Award 2016 and the Total Theatre Award for Dance at Edinburgh Festival 2017.