La Huesera

Compagnie Hors Commerce (France)

Sat 14 October, 20:00
Tipperary Excel Arts Centre | Booking: 062 80 520
45 mins. | 10€/8€/5€ (for double-bill) - also see our bundles| 7 yrs+


Double-bill with ‘Hope Hunt’.  
The evening will be followed by a Hunter DJ set

Inspired by a Mexican legend, ‘La Huesera’ (the bones collector) is the twin portrait of a woman in touch with unconscious animal forces in a fantastic life ritual. Following the quest and the preparation, and a succession of magical, dreamlike experiments, ‘La Huesera’ throws her body into the battle of performance. Stage is her space for ritual. Her archaic body, half insect, half sci-fi character, deconstructs and reconstructs the avatars of femininity, simultaneously warlike and tender.



Choreography & performance: Hélène Cathala

Performance: Jazmin Chiodi

Music: Eric Guennou

Lighting: Marc Baylet Delperrier


More about Hélène Cathala

Hélène Cathala danced with Dominique Bagouet and Trisha Brown from 1989 to 1992.

In 1993 she co-founded La Camionetta dance company with Fabrice Ramalingom, and created ten dance pieces. She then initiated Changement de Propriétaire, an artists’ collective (and space by the same name) working around research and experimentation in Montpellier.

In 2006, she creates her own company, Hors Commerce, questioning the worlds of dance, theater, literature, developing both teaching opportunities and creations – SLOGANS in 2006, SHAGGA in 2007, EXODE 1.25 in 2009 , TALKING BLUES and LA JEUNE FILLE QUE LA RIVIERE N’A PAS GARDEE in 2010 – in which she confirms her attention to form and stage composition, in a spirit of conviction, 2014 blanc cassé and 2015, marelle.



Company Hors Commerce is supported by DRAC Occitanie, la Région Occitanie and the city of Montpellier. Performed with the support of Tipperary Dance Platform.


Simultaneously warlike and tender, her archaic body, half insect, half sci-fi character, deconstructs and reconstructs the avatars of femininity.