Show & class


Liadain Herriott (Ireland)

Tue 11, Wed 12 & Thur 13 Oct | 11.30 am |
Libraries in: Nenagh, Clonmel, Thurles
45 min. | Access limited to pre-booked school groups

Everybody has a story to tell. This one belongs to a classical lass living in a modern world. A girl, like any other, with feelings, trying to find her way in, out and through the darkness. She chases the light. Charged with emotion, how does she adapt to the place she finds herself in? Her quest, in and of itself, creates a liminal universe where fragments make sense and sense is fragmented: a kaleidoscope of worlds where classical influences in movement and music morph with minimal electronic beats. The score, a patchwork quilt of various excerpts from diverse genres, is interwoven in a way that creates an imaginary landscape through which the character makes tracks. Melodies from Mahler, Grieg, Tchaikovsky and Handel meet works by contemporary Irish musicians, Ian McDonnell, aka Eomac, one half of the acclaimed duo Lakker, and celebrated jazz musician Shane Latimer. Described as “..spellbinding, often mesmerizing” -by The Examiner, Liadain was awarded ‘Best Performer’ by Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival 2015 for Liminal. Subliminally inspired by the writings of author Dr. Seuss and the stop animation work of visual artist Allison Schullnik, Herriott’s latest work offers the viewers a visual act of listening and an aural act of seeing, transforming a fantastical fairytale into a universal parable.


Choreography/Performance: Liadain Herriott
Music: Eomac, Handel, Grieg, Shane Latimer, Mahler & Tchaikovsky
Sound Engineer: Valerie Francis
Lightning Design: Kirsjanis Berzins
Costume: Julia Constabel
Stage Technician: Rob Devlin

About the Artist

Liadain trained originally as a classical ballerina in Dublin, Monte Carlo and Madrid. Upon graduation, Spanish filmmaker Almodovar selected her to dance in his film ‘Habla Con Ella’. She has worked internationally for companies/ choreographers including; Cannes Jeune Ballet, Opéra Royal de Wallonie, Wexford Festival Opera, David Hernandez. Based in Brussels for several years, it was here, studying under various masters, that she developed her contemporary technique, forming a style of her own. Choreographing since ‘09, her work has been performed in India, Belgium, Latvia, Spain, USA and her native Ireland. She is interested in the use of the body as a vehicle for emotional expression, communicating thoughts and ideas told through the way one moves. Voted ‘Best Performer’ in Dublin Fringe ‘15, her work was described by the Irish Times as ‘..seriously universal.”


In expressing her gratitude, the artist would like to graciously acknowledge the support-in-kind for this work from; Dance Theatre of Ireland, DLR Lexicon Dun Laoghaire, Dance Ireland, Fringe Lab, Firkin Crane, Julia Constabel, Emma Flemming, Amy Fox, Galway Theatre Festival, Jenna Harris, Faelan Herriott, I.F.O.N.L.Y., Linenhall Arts Centre, Mermaid Arts Centre, Ian McDonnell, Robert Mirolo and Tiger Dublin Fringe.

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Liadain Herriott, Liminal
Tipperary Dance Platform brings dance to public libraries accross the County. Invited school groups will attend an extract of Liadain Herriott's solo Liminal, followed by a dance workshop taught by the choreographer.