Master Class

TDP’17 Master Class Programme

12-14 October
Tipperary Excel Arts Centre | Booking: 062 80 520
€10 per class - also see our bundles

Classes and workshops for dancers and advanced dance students


Thursday 12 October

Hélène Cathala (France)

Leonardo Montecchia (Argentina/France)

Friday 13 October

John Scott (Ireland)

Oona Doherty (Northern Ireland)

Chey Jurado (Spain)

Saturday 14 October

Kate Hilder (UK/Ireland)

Alexandre Iseli (Switzerland/Ireland)

Pierre Pontvianne, Marthe Krummenacher (France)

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Thur 12 Oct | 10.00-13.00

Hélène Cathala (France)

Influenced by Body Mind Centering, Hélène Cathala’s work on body textures leads you effortlessly into the discovery of your many own ways to dance. Find a new range of possibilities in the hands of a expert and subtle dance pedagogue.

more… | Hélène Cathala danced with Dominique Bagouet and Trisha Brown from 1989 to 1992. In 1993 she co-founded La Camionetta dance company with Fabrice Ramalingom, and created ten dance pieces. She then initiated Changement de Propriétaire, an artists’ collective (and space by the same name) working around research and experimentation in Montpellier. In 2006, she creates her own company, Hors Commerce, questioning the worlds of dance, theater, literature, developing both teaching opportunities and creations – SLOGANS in 2006, SHAGGA in 2007, EXODE 1.25 in 2009 , TALKING BLUES and LA JEUNE FILLE QUE LA RIVIERE N’A PAS GARDEE in 2010 – in which she confirms her attention to form and stage composition, in a spirit of conviction, 2014 blanc cassé and 2015, marelle.


Thur 12 Oct | 14.00-17.00

Leonardo Montecchia (Argentina/France)

This workshop connects breathing to movement, to generate space and musicality and develop and articulate architecture of time.

more… | “In parallel to his journey as dancer and choreographer, Leonardo Montecchia teaches choreographic composition and Tango-Contact, giving workshops in Europe and Latin America. He also hosts many dance workshops destined to a variety of audiences, such as the elderly, people with disabilities, adolescents and primary students. He aims to enhance the potential of each participant guiding them through the experience of movement toward the discovery of the possibility to feel with an altered body. In 2015/17 he was resident artist at the University of Montpellier, within this framework he created the choreographic journey “In-Utile”. He currently works as a choreographer, stage director and educator for the company La Mentira; and also as choreographer, performer and teacher for several companies and institutions in France and abroad.After having trained and worked as an actor and dancer in Buenos Aires – Argentina, Leonardo Montecchia settles in France in 1998, where he obtains a Performing Arts degree in Dance at the University of Paris VIII. In 2001 he works with different companies in London, Zurich and Turin. He began his journey as a choreographer by creating: La Cravate (2001) and duO2 (2002). In 2004, he creates the company La Mentira with which he creates several Pieces where dance and text are interwoven: Le Monsonge (2003), Potosi, la montagne d’argent (2005), Intimidité (2006), Patetico (2006) and French Kiss (2007), Tout va bien and Entrelacés (2008), Le Nombril (2010), Tango Paradox (2011), Tout Terrain (2014), In-Utile (2016). In 2005, he created in Montpellier the concept of “”Hors Lits””, a series of performances in apartments allowing experimentation and close proximity with the audience. Since then the concept of “Hors Lits” has been implemented in 35 cities in France and abroad.”


Fri 13 Oct | 10.00-12.00

John Scott (Ireland)

John Scott’s masterclass seeks to create a work situation for his unique approach to creating material, using group dances, tasks, performance actions, text, voice. Scott will engage with elements from his huge lists of influences from Meredith Monk, The Living Theatre, Opera, Voice, and pure dance.

more… | Choreographer John Scott is Dublin born, a graduate of English Literature and Classics at University College Dublin and dance at Irish National College of Dance, apprenticing with Dublin City Ballet. He later studied with Pablo Vela, Meredith Monk, Susan Buirge (Foundation Royaumont), Julian Beck and Judith Malina (Living Theatre). He performed in Meredith Monk’s Quarry (Spoleto Festival) and for Yoshiko Chuma, Sarah Rudner, Anna Sokolow and Thomas Lehmen. He collaborated with Pan Pan Theatre on Beckett’s QUAD’ His work has been performed at Ireland’s Abbey Theatre on the Peacock stage, Dublin Dance Festival, Galway International Arts Festival, Kilkenny Arts Festival, Tiger Dublin Fringe, Ireland. Internationally at New York Live Arts, La MaMa, Danspace Project at St Mark’s Church, PS 122, New York and Dance Base, Edinburgh, Capital Nights Manchester, Les Hivernales, Avignon, Tanzmesse Dusseldorf, Forum Cultural Mundial, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and throughout Europe. He has also created works for Blanca Arrietta company, Spain and Conservatoire National Supérieur, Paris. John is a guest teacher at Irish World Academy, University of Limerick, Drama Department UCD. John has been awarded the African Refugee Network’s Culture Award for his work with Refugees and Survivors of Torture. John is also one of the subjects of Saddler’s Wells’ 52 Portraits by Jonathan Burrows, Matteo Fargin and Hugo Glendinning.


Fri 13 Oct | 13.30-14.30

Oona Doherty (Northern Ireland)

Oona Doherty’s workshop introduces you to her vision of dance creation: digging deep and listening. Sincerity in juicy feeling.

more… | Performer Oona Doherty is an ISAAC Asosiate of Embodied Acting and Methodology. She has been teaching with TRASH Dance Performance Group in Netherlands, Paris, Canada – Ritz theater School Brussels – Belfast Cresescent Arts Center – Ravnedans Festival Norway – Bray Encompass Festival – Echoecho International Festival of Dance and Movement – MACHA Productions Belfast – Theatre school Utrecht 4th year students-Abttoir ferme.


Fri 13 Oct | 15.30-17.00

Chey Jurado (Spain)

Chey Jurado applies the most interesting resources of urban dances towards contemporary dance – from a minimal dissociation extracted from popping, up to acrobatic movements such as they are found in breaking.

more… | Spanish dancer-choreographer Chey Jurado started his career as a self-taught dancer in urban styles (bboying, popping and locking). Following his interest for other disciplines, he quickly discovered and learned other more academic styles such as line salsa, pilates and modern dance, never leaving on the side the urban world to which he belonged. He traveled to world scale events, and was acknowledged ‘best dancer’ in many of them : triple REDBULL champion, BC ONE Spain, Best show battle of the year, R16 Spain, etc. To this day, this domain mixing break and contemporary is what characterizes Chey Jurado’s work, and brings him to work with companies such as Lokomamia, Cia Jordi Vilaseca, Rojas y Rodriguez (Titanium), Cia elias aguirre, Taiat Dansa. He currently directs and choreographs for his own company ’Compañia Senpü’.


Sat 14 Oct | 10.00-12.00

Kate Hilder (UK/Ireland)

The Feldenkrais Method is a form of somatic education, which uses movement, and directed attention to enhance our innate capacity for graceful, efficient movement.
Through exploring different movement sequences you will unravel unwanted habits and expand your palette of movement choices. This method encourages heightened sensibility which can give you a stronger sense of yourself, expand your performance presence and affect how you see and interact with the world. It also encourages skilful and intelligent use of yourself as you dance and prevents injury.
At the end of the class, you will take this learning into structured improvisations. Maintaining your inner focus, and expanding your awareness out to the other dancers and your environment, you will discover how the detailed movement explorations feed into your dancing, your creativity and your sense of playfulness.

more… | Kate Hilder is a certified Feldenkrais teacher and a physical theatre practitioner who teaches and performs across Europe. She moved to Ireland from the UK last year and teaches dance and voice students at the University of Limerick. Her performance work integrates movement, voice and language and is mainly influenced by her training in Action Theater™, a form of body-based improvisation training. Kate discovered Feldenkrais in 2002 through friends in the dance world and completed her teacher training in Sussex, UK. As well as teaching group classes, she offers individual hands-on (Functional Integration) lessons. She works with a wide range of people – from performers to people with injuries and chronic pain. Kate has been teaching weekly classes in London and Brighton for the past 10 years and once a term leads an improvisation class for Independent Dance at Siobhan Davies Studios. She’s taught Performing Arts students at Chichester University, University of Swansea and at Rose Bruford College, and dancers at London Contemporary Dance School, Tanzfabrik in Berlin and at Fontys Dance Academy in Holland.


Sat 14 Oct | 12.30-14.00

Alexandre Iseli (Switzerland/Ireland)

Through games, this workshop develops your ability to distribute your attention between your proprioceptive feedback and the perception of the world around you. Focus on developing your perception and awareness of weight/support organization, in relation with clarity of intention and directions, and with your surrounding environment.
Increase your presence, your ability for partnering and for multitasking in general.

more… | Since 1990, Alexandre Iseli took part in the creation, performance and worldwide touring of a great number of dance works with companies from Switzerland, France, Belgium, Ireland and Korea: Cie Philippe Saire, Régine Chopinot (Centre Chorégraphique National de Poitou-Charentes), Odile Duboc (Centre Chorégraphique National de Belfort), Liz Roche Company (Dublin), and Joanne Leighton (Brussels), among others.
Based in Ireland since 2007, Alexandre co-founded and co-directs Iseli-Chiodi Dance Company with Jazmin Chiodi in 2009. Together they have founded the Tipperary Dance Platform, organising the international dance festival TDP’ (8th edition in 2017) and providing resources for the professional dance sector, and an outreach programme for the community.
Iseli-Chiodi Dance Company’s works have been touring in Ireland, Russia, USA, Switzerland, France, Germany, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, the UK, and Korea. The 2013 production Fit/Misfit, created in collaboration with Lux Boreal (Mexico), was selected to be part of Internationale Tanzmesse Düsseldorf 2014. In 2016, the company was commissioned by Dublin Dance Festival to present a new piece as part of the Witness History Centre commission in the context of the commemorations of the Irish Proclamation of Independence. Alexandre has been teaching workshops, classes and master classes worldwide, in numerous festivals as well as for training programs such as the CAL LAB Kitchen (University of California San Diego), the UL BA and MA (University of Limerick), TDP’LAB (Tipperary Dance Platform), the Coline training Centre (Istres, France), Le Marchepied junior company (Lausanne Switzerland), Dance Ireland (Dublin), Conservatoire Régional de Toulouse (France), etc. Alexandre graduated Master of Sciences in biology in 1995, and BTS Gestion & protection de la Nature in 2006.


Sat 14 Oct | 15.00-18.00

Pierre Pontvianne, Marthe Krummenacher (France)

The piece MOTIFS that you can discover in this festival is built on two different choreographic materials. The first one is a simple connection: the dancers never cease holding each others hands. The second one, on the contrary, develops an interaction without physical contact.
Based on the structure of MOTIFS, Pierre Pontvianne and Marthe Krummenacher introduce an analytical and practical approach of the different technical and artistic layers involved in this work. Attention > trust > resistance > let go > presence > memory.

more… | First comes the need. To create. Born in Saint-Etienne (France) in 1981. The city in which he founded the company PARC in 2004 with Emilie Tournaire and Pierre Treille. The city where he lives. His taste for music, visual arts and dancing made him choose the artistic path very early on. Dance imposed itself as the place where all arts can converge.
Graduated from the ESDC Rosella Hightower, winner of the Lausanne Prize in 1999, Pierre Pontvianne was a performer within the Nederlands Dans Theater 2, before working free-lance throughout Europe, in particular for the Frankfurt Ballet and the co. Carte Blanche (Norway). In parallel, he was part of many alternative projects between Holland, Germany, Belgium and France.
All his creations go through a process of musical composition that he transcribes onto bodies and space. The choreographic language that arises is both moving and pictorial, sensitive to collisions, tipping-points and transformation phenomena that our world experiences.
Since 2014, Pierre Pontvianne and the company PARC have been involved in the project RAMDAM, un centre d’art.


Master class programme
Over three days, the TDP'17 Master Class Programme gathers an international group of teachers to share their experience and artistic vision