Classes for dancers

Fri 14 - Sat 15 Oct |
Excel Arts Centre, Tipperary
8€ / One free class when purchasing a festival show ticket | Dancers

The TDP masterclasses for dancers are traditionally taught by the artists who present their work at the festival. A unique opportunity to build experience with outstanding professionals – many of them teach in Ireland for the first time.

Fri 14 Oct

Corinne Rochet & Nicholas Pettit (Cie Utilité Publique)

Time: 10 am
Duration: 90 min.
Country: Switzerland

The teachers:
Corinne Rochet and Nicholas Pettit, both choreographers and teachers, create through their work a world that is both graphic and poetic. Central to their choreographic work is the concept of the group and more specifically the question of the relationship between the individual and his/her environment. Corinne Rochet and Nicholas Pettit have danced for many contemporary choreographers such as Claude Brumachon, Dominique Bagouet, Jean Gaudin, Rui Horta, Stéphanie Aubin, Michel Kelemenis, Philippe Saire, Da Motus, Arthur Kuggeleyn, Nicole Seiler, Fabienne Berger and Guilherme Botelho. The creations of Cie Utilité Publique’s were presented and performed in different European countries such as: Switzerland, Albania, France, Portugal, England, Denmark or Italy.

The class:
Corinne Rochet and Nicholas Pettit’s classes develop the concept of “Flow Motion”. Influenced by Release Technique and popping, they propose a series of exercises both on the ground and vertically working on joint movement, dissociation and body coordination and looking for muscle tone that is both flexible and dynamic. The particularity of their classes lies in the fusion of their choreographic work. The classes are given by the two choreographers. The sequences are written by using a system accumulation – each choreographer proposes in turn a movement – generating a game situation, a creative flow.

François Veyrunes (Cie 47.49)

Time: 12 am
Duration: 120 min.
Country: France

The teacher:
François Veyrunes sees time as an essential value in digging down ever deeper into the questions surrounding the meaning of life as individuals with their own challenges, creativity and free will. Thoughtfulness, a quest for meaning and a willingness to confront ideas are cultivated. He grounds his creative work in artistic and human values to produce a choreography that is both in touch with the world and poetic.

The class:
Through workshops and master classes, François Veyrunes and the company dancers work on the misalignment of bodies and their deformation. The workshop begins with ground work to raise the center of gravity and body support to assert its own power. After that, everyone can explore within their abilities, alone or with others, their own body strategies and play with imbalance, a fun challenge, defying gravity and not suffering from it.

Sat 15 Oct

Katherine O’Malley

Time: 10 am
Duration: 90 min.
Country: Ireland

The teacher:
Katherine O’Malley is a dancer, teacher and choreographer. She graduated from the Perm State Ballet Academy before joining the Tatarstan State Opera and Ballet Theatre, Kazan. Katherine then trained at London Contemporary Dance School. She holds an MA in Contemporary Dance Performance from UL. She has taught, performed and represented company work with Ireland’s leading dance artists and contemporary dance companies, including residencies, festivals and commissions in Ireland, UK, Barcelona, Düsseldorf, Bejing, Paris and New York.
Katherine has taught for Dance Ireland, Dance Limerick, UL, Galway Dance Project, DCU, Liz Roche Company, Irish Modern Dance Theatre, Dance Theatre of Ireland and many other theatre and dance projects. She is also an Amatsu practitioner.

The class:
Katherine works from a release technique basis, reaffirming natural movement facility, range of motion and bodily dynamics. Drawing on her recent study into natural movement behaviour through her Amatsu practice the class includes instructive anatomical visualisations and structured improvisations. The class will focus on helping the participants to trust and understand their instinctual and proprioceptive skills and more fully embody already learned codified dance language. The class will culminate in facilitating the participants to develop or interrogate their own decisions, quality and relationships with dance material creatively.

Our visiting artists transmit their experience to local dancers through these masterclass workshops