Cie Utilité Publique (Switzerland)

Sat 15 Oct | 7.30 pm
Excel Arts Centre, Tipperary
40 min. | (double-bill with 'Au Plus Près...') | All ages | Adults 10€ / Concessions 8€ / Children 5€ / One free class with each show ticket purchased

In a form that is lightweight and designed for two dancers, MORPHOSES explores the theme of metamorphosis. The choreographers dive freely into the fantastic world of Ovide to see how his Metamorphoses can echo our contemporary legends. Using metamorphosis as a theme is to offer a dream space that is timeless, satisfying a need for abstraction… the giants, the flood, Deucalion and Pyrrha, Daphne, Narcissus or echo, Achilles and Cygnus, etc. as sources of inspiration. To transform, change, evolve and recycle.
Construct, deconstruct; a binary rhythm that seems to lull contemporary Western society. MORPHOSES fits into a social context where we observe a decline in buying power, a weakened morale and an unstable climate. Transform, change, evolve and recycle become reflex actions that take place in response to a shortage.


Concept, choreography and interpretation: Corinne Rochet and Nicholas Pettit
Assistant for the dramaturgy: Adina Secretan
Lights design and technique: Pablo Weber
Music: Nicholas Pettit
Costumes: Diane Grosset
Administration: Marianne Caplan

About the artists

Corinne Rochet and Nicholas Pettit founded the Co. Utilité Publique in 2003 in Lausanne. Close to the visual arts, their research is based on form and aesthetics. Exploring the genesis and dilution of forms, they put into question the idea of observation, playing on the opposite notions of construction/deconstruction – a couple within a binary rhythm that appears to lull contemporary society. Corinne Rochet and Nicholas Pettit have danced for many contemporary choreographers such as Claude Brumachon, Dominique Bagouet, Jean Gaudin, Rui Horta, Stéphanie Aubin, Michel Kelemenis, Philippe Saire, Da Motus, Arthur Kuggeleyn, Nicole Seiler, Fabienne Berger and Guilherme Botelho. The creations of Cie Utilité Publique’s were performed in different European countries such as: Switzerland, Albania, France, Portugal, England, Denmark or Italy.


Coproduction: Cie Utilité Publique / Arsenic – Centre d’art scénique contemporain – Lausanne. Fundings: Affaires culturelles de l’Etat de Vaud, Corodis, Ernst Goehner Stiftung, Loterie Romande, Migros Pour-cent culturel, Ville de Lausanne, Schweizerische Interpretenstiftung SIS.
Utilité Publique is supported by Pro Helvetia, and Canton de Vaud.

A graphical piece, close to the plastic arts, where the moving body and paper, in their intrinsic fragility, become linked.