Compagnie Parc (France)

Friday 13 October, 19.30
Tipperary Excel Arts Centre | Booking: 062 80 520
50 min. | €12/10/5 - also see our bundles | All ages

“A performance in which bodies intertwine and dancing is like the mediaeval illumination of a distorted love (…)”. Le Temps, October 2015

In a crescendo combining strength and subtle delicacy, the duet Motifs, interpreted with virtuosity by Marthe Krummenacher and Pierre Pontvianne, exposes two bodies linked through their hands until the impossible. “It all starts with the simplest of questions: What makes bodies move? Through a process of choreographic and musical ravelling and unravelling, tangible and ineffable creative forces grasped hold of me: IMMEDIATE INTUITION / SHIFT OF FORCES / COLLISION / INFINITE / MUSIC OF THE MOMENT. I did not attempt to master these components, but rather to be receptive to the way they align in the present moment. A little bit like tuning into an emotion.” Pierre Pontvianne.



Choreography: Pierre Pontvianne

Performance: Pierre Pontvianne, Marthe Krummenacher

Music: Benjamin Gibert

Plastic artwork: Pierre Treille

Lighting design: Valérie Colas

Costume design: Cathy Ray

External consultant: Emilie Tournaire 



Residency and coproduction: Opéra Théâtre de Saint-Etienne | Residency and coproduction/host studio: Centre Chorégraphique National of Grenoble / Groupe Emile Dubois | Centre Chorégraphique National of Rillieux-la-Pape / Direction: Yuval Pick, Centre Chorégraphique National of Mulhouse / Ballet of the Opéra National du Rhin | Residency with industry input: Le Pacifique CDC – Grenoble. | Avec le soutien de l’Institut français et de La Ville de Saint-Etienne.




Motifs - Cie Parc
Two dancers linked through their hands perform this virtuose crescendo combining strength and subtle delicacy