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Fri 14 Oct | 3 pm
Excel Arts Centre, Tipperary town
1 hr | Free of charge | 8 yrs +

1180 and more

1180 AND MORE_13335632_1742728089302693_5858446726875493393_n
Video Author: Riccardo De Simone

Country: Italia

Duration: 1 min

The animated work 1180 AND MORE investigates the connection between dance and visual art, in which their property get inverted through their use in time. Drawing and dance meet to generate a dialogue between staticity (single images) and movement (successions of images). A succession of images, apparently different from each other, are used to create the movement itself.


backwash promo
Video Author: Andrea Hackl

Country: Austria/Netherlands

Duration: 12 min

Back·wash [backward flow or movement of water or air produced by a propelling force]. This is the story of a man and a woman. A Danse Macabre unfolding in a world where common reality and the realm of myth are blurring. This is the story of a man and a woman, whose alter-egos – caught up in a limbo and no-man’s land – wait, stuck on river Styx.

Ça plane pour moi

Ca Plane Pour Moi
Video Author: Brecht Bovijn

Production: Brecht Bovijn

Country: The Netherlands

Duration: 3 min

A Collaboration with Codarts, University of the arts, third year dance, for Talent On the Move 2016.

On the Tip of My Tongue

On the tip of my tongue
Video Authors: Kimberley Harvey, Andrew Graham, Anthony Graham

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 4 min

A friend, a colleague and two brothers. For the first time they meet for a collaboration. They create impressions of their synergy. Sustained and fluid interactions take place, through dancing and filming. Changing the surface beneath them with and without water, they find reciprocity in this audacious series of abstractions.


Video Author: Vikram Mohan

Production: Rajander Panchal

Country: India

Duration: 1 min

“Stillness” based on life stillness with different different time, spaces, movement and emotions.

A Solas

Video Authors: Inma Marin & Carlos Cañal

Production: 5D2

Country: Spain

Duration: 5 min

The way in which we are involuntarily spewed into life condemns us to wander within the loneliness, locked within a face and a body that is no more than the result of a random and unique biological compendium something without essence, without a soul, a container of physiological attitudes that cradle the protoillusion of the “I”. Now, homeless and elusive we will try to find the way to fill this container through our experiences, assuming the psychic capacity that we have to project ourselves into the real world at every instant.

October 4th

OCTOBER 4TH_Ph. Silvia Accattoli
Video Authors: Jack Giacomo Daveroi, Francesca Gironi

Country: Italy

Duration: 2 min

Ironic dialogue between poetry and video art. Self escape becomes hyper presence

What Space Does Not Remember

What space does not remeber_5
Video Author: Paola Ponti

Production: Perypezye Urbane

Country: Italy

Duration: 2 min

“In the city of Valdrada, everything exists in the same way as the exact opposit of it.” (Italo Calvino, “invisible Cities”). Opposits exist both in the interior and in the exterior of places. What is left on the space once we abandon it?


Video Author: Xin

Production: Xin

Country: New Zealand

Duration: 8 min

One Artist + One Camera + One Location = Possibilities.

De Farol

DeFarol_Antonio Navarro Wijkmark
Video Authors: La Intrusa – Virginia García & Damián Muñoz

Production: Nuria Canela

Country: Spain

Duration: 6 min

A strip-poker game that goes from a figurative and realistic situation, to a composition where the movement, the body and their game generate a multiview of stripteases where physicality and other of emotional triggers are interrelated.

Irøn Modum

Video Author: Derek Pedrós

Production: Derek Pedrós

Country: Spain

Duration: 4 min

Dance video about Iron Skulls Co, a group of people with different preferences and journeys that set a way together, beyond the dance.
A union that feeds with their differences, and strengthens of their individual experiences.
The video is a personal interpretation of a project that I’ve seen grow and evolve over the years.
A transition between the dances, that has established itself as a fresh and inspiring proposal.

Il mio grido

My Shout

IL MIO GRIDO fphoto by Giulio Cesare Grandi

Video Author: Vito Alfarano

Production: Ministry of Justice Department of Penitentiary and Company Fabula Saltica

Country: Italy

Duration: 7 min

Shot with prisoners, Il Grido Mio positions them in a “white” background that eliminates the possibility of placement and uses “nudity” to erase the physical characteristic. The viewer will not see the prisoner, but the man.


ETCHED Still doreen
Video Authors: Dylan Quinn & Róisín Loughrey

Production: Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre

Country: Northern Ireland

Duration: 4 min

ETCHED grew out of a series of classes that had been running on a weekly basis as part of an Arts and Older Peoples project in 2015. The dancers are members of the community who attended a one hour weekly contemporary dance class over a 4 month period. The film was recorded in a variety of locations selected by the performers, and present a short sequence of movement learnt during their class.

TDP’s selection of dance videos collected through an international open call. Theses short films reflect the infinite possibilities of merging the choreographic language with the syntax of cinema - a specific genre with a very broad palette of colours.