Public Forum

TDP’16 Forum

A public discussion

Sat 15 Oct | 2 pm
Excel Arts Centre, Tipperary
2 hr | Free of charge | Adults

TDP’16 Forum is a public round table where audiences and artists mingle to discuss topics relevant to the making of dance works. This forum is also a way to demystify artistic practise, to understand what motivates dancers and choreographers, and how they work. It is a way to perceive the realities, big and small, that artists are facing day by day, and the role that they take on in society. During the forum, the panel of guest artists from the Tipperary Dance Platform makes a short presentation on the selected topic, before opening the discussion to the audience.

Katherine O’Malley

Dancer, choreographer
Associate artist at Liz Roche Company

Katherine is a foundIng member of Liz Roche Company (1999) and Associate Artist since 2008. She holds an MA from UL and trained at London Contemporary Dance School and Perm State Choreographic Institute, Russia. She took part in the creation and touring of numerous dance pieces with companies across Ireland and abroad.

Corinne Rochet

Dancer, choreographer
Artistic director Cie Utilité Publique and Junior Company Le Marchepied

Corinne Rochet is co-founder and choreographer of Cie Utilité Publique (2003) in Lausanne, Switzerland. She has created and toured works with a number of renown choreograhers in France and Switzerland, including Dominique Bagouet and Claude Brumachon. The work of Utilité Publique has toured in many countries across Europe.

Nicholas Pettit

Dancer, choreographer
Artistic director Cie Utilité Publique and Junior Company Le Marchepied

Nicholas Pettit is co-founder and choreographer of Cie Utilité Publique. Trained in the UK, Nicholas has performed with many companies across Europe. The work of Cie Utilité Publique is centered around the concept of the group and the question of the relationship between the individual and his/her environment

Alexandre Iseli

Dancer, choreographer, dance promoter
Artistic director Iseli-Chiodi Dance Company and Tipperary Dance Platform

After graduating Master in biology, Alexandre became a professional Dancer in 1993, and toured worldwide with choreographers such as Régine Chopinot (FRA), Philippe Saire (SWI), Joanne Leighton (BEL), Liz Roche (IRL), etc. Since 2008, with Jazmin Chiodi, they developed the Tipperary Dance Residency programme, founded Tipperary Dance Platform, and have created and toured choreographic work across the world as Iseli-Chiodi company.

Liz Roche

Choreographer, dancer
Artistic director Liz Roche Company

Liz Roche is a graduate of London Contemporary Dance School and the College of Dance, Dublin. Awarded the Bonnie Bird Choreographic Award 2001 (UK) and the Peter Darrell Award 2000 (UK), she has founded and choreographed for Liz Roche company, and has been commissioned choreographic work for numerous companies, operas and theatre companies in Ireland and abroad.

Jazmin Chiodi

Dancer, choreographer, dance promoter
Artistic director Iseli-Chiodi Dance Company and Tipperary Dance Platform

Born in Argentina, Jazmin performed in Buenos Aires before moving to Europe, where she performed with many companies including Liz Roche Company, Mathilde Monnier, Fabrice Ramalingom, Hélène Cathala. In 2008 Jazmin Chiodi was appointed resident Artist in Tipperary. Together with Alexandre Iseli, she developed the Tipperary Dance Residency, including Iseli-Chiodi Company, Tipperary Dance Platform, and a programme of outreach and professional resources.

Liadain Herriott

Dancer, choreographer
Independent artist

Trained originally as a classical ballerina in Dublin, Monte Carlo and Madrid. Liadain has worked internationally for companies/ choreographers including; Cannes Jeune Ballet, Opéra Royal de Wallonie, Wexford Festival Opera, David Hernandez. Her own choreogrpahic work has been performed in India, Belgium, Latvia, Spain, USA and Ireland. It was described by the Irish Times as ‘seriously universal.”

François Veyrunes

Director compagnie 47.49

François Veyrunes developed his artistic in Company 47•49. He sees time as an essential value in digging down ever deeper into the questions surrounding the meaning of life as individuals with their own challenges, creativity and free will. He grounds his creative work in artistic and human values to produce a choreography that is both in touch with the world and poetic. Since the founding of Compagnie 47•49, François Veyrunes has created over 30 choreographies.

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