TRY! [Tipperary Research Yard!]

Started in 2010 in collaboration with Tipperary Excel Arts Centre and the Arts Council,┬áTRY! is a scheme elaborated by TDR – Tipperary Dance Residency to provide resources for professional dance artists.

TRY! offers 1-2 weeks residencies for dance artists and choreographers, providing working space, time, and accommodation, enabling them to develop their artistic language and/or throw the basis of new projects.

Jazmin Chiodi and Alexandre Iseli, Resident artists at Tipperary Dance Residency since 2008, also give the possibility for the visiting TRY! artists to be mentored through their practice. A way to receive feedback on the work, discuss artistic choices and methods with peer dancers-choreographer.

The festival Tipperary Dance Platform works in conjunction with TRY! by giving opportunities for the TRY! resident artists to show their work in public at the Platform.

TRY! is accessible through an open call widely broadcasted through the Irish dance network. Anyone wishing to register interest can contact TDP or TDR to receive information on the open call through email.

TRY! is funded by the Arts Council under the Dance Artist in Residency awards Scheme, and hosted by Tipperary Excel Arts Centre.