September Days | short film

Coming out the 30 May 2019

At our Bealtaine Festival dance day ‘Age in Movement

Tipperary Dance Platform’s new short film, created with the women of the Age in Movement group in Nenagh, Co.Tipperary, celebrates the fact that we all move, dance and create at any age.


Production: Tipperary Dance Platform, Tipperary County Council

Featuring: Clare Hanly, Bernadette Kavanagh, Jennifer Lehane, Treasa Puirséil, 

A project by Jazmin Chiodi and Alexandre Iseli

Dance workshops a movement: Jazmin Chiodi

Film director: Cathy Coughlan

Camera: Cathy Coughlan and Jacek Snochowski

Edition: Cathy Coughlan

Photography: Alex Iseli

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