International Dance Festival

8-14 october

Edition #9


International Dance Festival

8-14     october

Edition #9

TDP’s masterclass programme for dancers and graduate dance students, sponsored by Dance Ireland: three days, eight intensive classes with outstanding international artists. Book your classes in advance, they are truly limited and we hit the roof last year !

Masterclasses - day 1

Excel Arts Centre

€10 or see our bundles





11 Oct

Masterclass 1

10.00 - 12.30

Ben Duke | Lost Dog, UK

Led by Lost Dog’s Artistic Director and co-founder Ben Duke, this workshop will explore Lost Dog’s unique approach to creating dance theatre, using the voice as a tool for generating movement.

Ben is a Work Place artist at The Place, was Associate Artist at South East Dance 2012-14 and was the recipient of the Bonnie Bird New Choreography Award 2011. In 2016 Ben won the National Dance Critics Award for Outstanding Male Performance for Paradise Lost (lies unopened beside me). Ben has directed and choreographed works for numerous companies including Rambert Goat for which he was nominated for a 2018 Olivier Award. He has performed with Probe, Hofesh Shechter Company, The Gate Theatre, The National Theatre of Scotland, Glyndebourne Opera and Punchdrunk. 

Alexandre is co-founder of Iseli-Chiodi company, the Tipperary Dance Platform programme and TDP’ festival. He has performed worldwide with choreographers including Philippe Saire (CH), Régine Chopinot (National Choreographic Centre, Fr), Joanne Leighton (Be) and Liz Roche Company. Iseli-Chiodi’s work have toured in 11 countries across Europe, America and Asia. Pieces include a solo commissioned for the ‘Embodied’ performances at GPO Dublin, Revolver (2016), Moorland (2015-2016), Fit/Misfit (2013), Solo Logic (2011). Alexandre’s perception of body functionality and expressivity is widely influenced by his initial study as a biologist (MSc Biology).

Masterclass 2

13.30 - 15.30

Alexandre Iseli | Iseli-Chiodi company, IE

This workshops focuses on movement readability, clarity, and efficiency, while promoting a high level of physicality. It will also work to increase our aptitude for interaction in partnering, by fine tuning our aptitude of contact with a heightened perception, organisation,  and support.

Masterclasses - day 2

Excel Arts Centre

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Masterclass 3

10.00 - 11.30

Holly small, Canada

Holly proposes A playful exploration of music and dance through principles of improvisation and composition, culminating in collaborative creation of new dance works.

Holly Small is an award-winning dance artist and educator with a longstanding passion for interdisciplinary collaboration.  Many of her works integrate dance with live music, video and interactive new media.  Her choreography, described as “a flawless integration of music and dance” (Globe & Mail, Toronto), has been presented throughout Canada, the US, UK, Europe and Asia. Small has been a dance educator for 40 years, teaching in Canada from sea to sea, throughout China, at UCLA in Los Angeles and Bretton Hall, University of Leeds in England. In 1980 she co-founded the Dance Program at Toronto's Claude Watson Highschool for the Arts. In 1988 she came to York University where she taught and researched for 28 years in the areas of Contemporary Dance Technique, Improvisation, Composition, Repertory, Inter-active New Media, Music for Dancers and Creativity Studies.


12 Oct

Masterclass 4

12.00 - 14.00

Harry Koushos - Company Waierstall, Germany

In this masterclass Harry Koushos seeks to facilitate a choreographic and technique focus on the work of choreographer Alexandra Waierstall. 

Harry Koushos, born in Cyprus, is a dancer and choreographer. His work is generally inspired by human experiences related to violence and the oppression of the modern individual, with a sole purpose to transform them on stage into poetic abstract visuals of artistic integrity. He seeks a language of movement with clean lines and strict forms that transpose ritualistic forms of dance and explore the major brain functions relating to the connecting space between the spectator and the performer: “PORNEM /A pornographic poem” 2017, “lacrimal” 2016 etc. As a dancer, he performes in works by Christos Papadopoulos, Echo-arts /Arianna Economou, Alexandra Waierstall. Sinds 2018 he is assistant choreographer with Alexandra Waierstall. He teaches masterclasses in Greece and international.

Masterclass 5

15.00 - 17.00

Dylan Quinn | DQDT, Northern Ireland

The Workshop will be exploring my interest in the development of work with a social and political conscience. We will explore how I see the art I work on has a role in engaging in current political discourse overtly or not. We will in addition explore the use of text within performance work either as a starting point or a presentation element. And other suff!

Dylan Quinn has been working as a Choreographer, Dance Artist and facilitator for over 20 years. In 2009 he established Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre (DQDT) in his native Enniskillen and has created numerous company performances as well as several commissioned productions for companies such as Maiden Voyage Dance Company, Ludus Dance, DanceXchange and Birmingham Royal Ballet. He has presented work across the UK, Ireland and Internationally including at The MAC Belfast, Dublin Dance Festival, Commencez! Paris Beckett 16 and Instances Festival France. 

Dylan has extensive experience of working within community settings and particularly within a peace and conflict context. Dylan was recently Movement Director for Three Sisters at The Lyric Directed by Selina Cartmell in 2016.

Masterclasses - day 3

Excel Arts Centre

€10 or see our bundles




Masterclass 6

10.00 - 12.00

Shlomi Tuizer | Affari Esteri, France

Working to infuse movement with relevance and meaningfulness, Shlomi Tuizer’s class is focused on natural functionality, closely connected with sensorial perception, and driven by purposeful directions.

Originally form Israel, Shlomi Tuizer started his career as interpreter at the Batsheva Dance Company, followed by choreographers such as Hervé Robbe and Joanne Leighton. He co-founded Affari Esteri in 2004 with Edmon Russo.

Their work gathers artists from different horizons and put forward the interaction between individuals and the group. The pieces they created include inside ##### in 2009, Lings in 2010, Embrace in 2012, Tempéraments in 2014, Guerrieri & Amorosi in 2015, 0135 in 2016, The State in 2017, and Holy in 2018. Shlomi is also largely involved in dance teaching with various publics, both professional and amateur.


13 Oct

Masterclass 7

HearSay Festival Visits TDP'18

12.30 - 14.00

Diarmuid McIntyre | Grey Heron, Ireland

This original workshop brings a new experience to our public of the dance sector. Diarmuid McIntyre dives deep into creative sound and its relation both to movement and mind. Discovering sound in fresh ways, our deeper reactions to sound and dramaturgy in creative audio. 

Presented at  TDP'18 with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland in conjunction with the HearSay International Audio Arts Festival

Founder & Festival Director of HearSay, Diarmuid McIntyre also heads up Grey Heron Media which has grown to become Irelands leading audio feature production firm. Grey Herons's work is heard regularly on RTE Radio 1, RTE Lyric FM, Limerick's Live95FM, Newstalk, on community radio stations and internationally. In 2015 Grey Heron Media won Gold at the New York Radio Festival for "As It Lives ». He also won New York Bronze in 2015 for the RTE Doc On One - "They had no choice ». Grey Heron won the 2013 PPI Gold Radio Award for best documentary for "Take No More" which was also the 2013 Winner of the Association for International Broadcasting Best Documentary, and Gold Medalist at the 2013 New York Radio Festival.

Masterclass 8

15.00 - 17.00

Luke Murphy | Attics Projects, Ireland

Moving with Purpose. In this workshop we will first build tools to access the widest sphere of our physical reach in space. Harnessing the potential forces of gravity, coil, momentum and drifting we will find physical efficiency and build complex sequences to trick our balance and disorientate our expectations. After establishing our broadest physical availability we will challenge ourselves to apply our skills both new and old in unfamiliar directions.

Luke has worked as a performer with Ultima Vez, Punchdrunk, Pavel Zustiak Palissimo Company, and in projects with Luca Silvestrini/Protein Dance, John Kelly, Jonah Bokaer and Bill T Jones/ Arnie Zane Dance Company. Choreographer and Artistic Director of Attic Projects, creating and performing original works across Ireland, UK and USA. Founder and Programming Director of The Catch8 Workshop Serie, Luke trained at Point Park University and University of Chichester, earning an MA in Choreography in 2017.

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