‍TDP’19 ‍

‍International ‍

‍Dance ‍Festival

‍7-13 ‍October ‍2019

‍10th ‍anniversary

TDP’19 masterclass programme for dancers and graduate dance students, sponsored by Dance Ireland: three days, eight intensive classes with outstanding international artists. Book your classes in advance, they are truly limited and we hit the roof last year !


10 Oct

Masterclasses - day 1

Excel Arts Centre

€10 per class, or see our bundles



Masterclass 1

Thur 10 Oct | 10.30 - 12.30

Roberto Torres | Danza Nomada, Spain

In this improvisation workshop, Roberto uses dynamics of the body based on daily movements, gestures, and crafts stored in the memory of the body.

Roberto Torres began his studies of Dramatic Art in La Casona, Barcelona in 1981 although he will be more linked to the world of dance, taking courses in various body techniques. In 2000 he created the Nomad Company. He currently combines teaching, with the creation of shows, his training as an actor, dancer and the Direction of the Victoria Theater, the organization of the Extension in Tenerife of the MASDANZA International Contest and the celebration of two annual festivals, one of them, created by and for the Canarian dance: "Festival of Canarian Dance inside and outside"; another, is the Festival Teatro Contemporáneo Encuentros. In addition to his collaboration with the Festival of Dance Scenic Notebooks in Garachico.

Masterclass 2

Thur 10 Oct | 13.30 - 15.30

Marie Lenfant & Thierry Mabon, France

Marie Lenfant and Thierry Mabon share the practise that they have developed during two weeks of residence at Tipperary Dance Platform. A masterclass based on principles of instant composition and intuition.

Marie Lenfant founded Marie Lenfant Dance Company in 1990, wanting to gather people with complementary skills for long-term projects. To this day, Marie Lenfant has signed 23 professional creations performed in France and internationally.  

For Marie Lenfant, the act of creation is a displacement of ‘things of the world’. Each resulting performance is a new study focussing on the place of the body, on being human, or on a reality, context, or moment in time. 

Her artistic process is a road slowly paved by a complicit team. In connection with her research and choreographic work, she is involved in the cultural development of dance, and its transmission to professional and amateur artists. She also takes part in French Artistic collectives.


11 Oct

Masterclasses - day 2

Excel Arts Centre

€10 per class, or see our bundles



Masterclass 3

Fri 11 Oct | 10.00 - 12.00

Karine Ponties | Dame de Pic, Belgium

Approaching interpretation and creativity, shifting from a performer’s to an author’s perspective. Starting with individual practise, an essential step in the creative process, by which bodies can grasp the accuracy and relevance of a gesture or a space, and handle hesitancy or error.

Born in France and raised in Spain, Karine Ponties is infused with a certain multiculturality. Her immersion into dance began there with studies at the Juan Tena and Ramon Soler dance schools, before moving to Brussels and joining Mudra, the school created by Maurice Bejart. As a performer, she has worked with several companies including Frédéric Flamand, Michèle Noiret, Nicole Mossoux/Patrick Bonté and Pierre Droulers, before founding her own company Dame de Pic in 1996.

Artistic director of Dame de Pic, choreographer and performer, Karine Ponties has created more than fourty dance pieces, presented on 4 continents. Her work is characterised by a flair for the absurd, exploring intimacy and interlacing relationships.

Masterclass 4

Fri 11 Oct | 13.30 - 15.30

Tânia Carvalho, Portugal

In this repertoire masterclass, Tânia Carvalho teaches contemporary dance technique through the learning of repertoire.

Tânia Carvalho moves frequently from the field of choreography to that of musical composition.  Tânia Carvalho affirms herself as an artist whose will to expression is not exhausted in one single language.  Her creations wander through the shadows, the vivification of painting , expressionism and the memory of cinema.  Hence the artist constructs her mysterious cosmogony, a set of codes that transcend the very art of movement - whether this should take place in the linguistic and semantic carefulness that she inscribes in the titles of her work. Or in the frequent passing through territories more distanced from that of choreography, like drawing. 

Over almost two decades, Tânia Carvalho has been paving her way: thoughtfully and each time more multidisciplinary.

Masterclass 5

Fri 11 Oct | 16.00 - 18.00

Carmen Werner | Provisional Dance, Spain

My main interest is the ability to modulate qualities and create variations based on speed, volumes, weight, densities, etc. After a muscular-articular warm-up, we will work on ways to put choreographic material at the service of what we want to tell.

Carmen Werner was born in Madrid and holds a degree in Physical Education from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Study Classical and Contemporary Dance in Madrid, Barcelona and London. Since she created her own company Provisional Dance in 1987, she has staged more than 60 choreographies: room works (small and large format, including an opera-dance), street works, video dances, a short film, collaborations for other companies, special commissions for different festivals and theatres, in addition to teaching choreographic classes and workshops.

Her artistic career has been recognized with different prizes, among which the National Dance Award 2007, the Onassis International Dance Prize in 2001 and the Culture Award in the Dance section of the Community of Madrid 2000 stand out.


12 Oct

Masterclasses - day 3

Excel Arts Centre

€10 per class, or see our bundles



Masterclass 6

Sat 12 Oct | 10.00 - 12.00

Polina Kremasta | Creo Dance, Greece

The basic principles of Apogeos dance, taught through basic mechanisms and exercises. The class will focus on rhythmic steps that promote coordination and interaction with the earth, the space and others.

Polina Kremasta graduated with honors from the Professional Dance School of “Rallou Manou”. She is also a graduate of Medicine Studies (University of Ioannina). Her research“Apogeos“ which explores the birth of a new kinetic language, using the connections between contemporary and traditional dance, has the support and the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture. Since 2012 she created and coordinated Skytali (Relay) an educational program for dancers and public schools, instilling the love for movement into the community. She has given classes and workshops on contemporary technique and improvisation in many dance studios, professional dance schools and Festivals in Greece and abroad. 

Masterclass 7

Sat 12 Oct | 12.30 - 14.30

Alexandre Iseli | Iseli-Chiodi, Ireland

Using games and improvisation his workshop involves sensoriality as a major determinant in the generation of relevant dance movement.

Alexandre is co-founder of Iseli-Chiodi company, the Tipperary Dance Platform programme and TDP’ festival. He has performed worldwide with numerous choreographers/companies including Philippe Saire (CH), Régine Chopinot (National Choreographic Centre, Fr), Joanne Leighton (Be) and Liz Roche Company. Iseli-Chiodi’s work have toured in 12 countries across Europe, America and Asia. Highlights in the company’s repertoire include a solo commissioned for the ‘Embodied’ performances at GPO Dublin, Merlin (2019), Revolver (2016), Moorland (2015-2016), Fit/Misfit (2013), Solo Logic (2011). Alexandre’s perception of body functionality and expressivity is widely influenced by his initial scientific training (MSc in biology).

Masterclass 8 - Unpacking screendance

Sat 2 Oct | 15.00 - 17.00

Mary Wycherley, Ireland

In the format of a fluid discussion with moving and image propositions, this workshop invites participants to actively consider, question and reflect on screendance through the lens of their own artistic practice and work. Feel free to bring your clips of footage for sharing! All interested disciplines welcome.

Mary Wycherley is an Irish artist whose work spans contemporary dance performance, moving image and installation. She has a track record of creating works which cross disciplinary boundaries which manifest on stage, in galleries and cinematic contexts. Her body of work has toured and been exhibited in Ireland and internationally at venues and festival including the Museum of Contemporary Arts Shanghai, American Dance Festival, Rua Red Gallery Dublin, National Museum of Contemporary Arts Bucharest, Kilkenny Arts Festival, Limerick City Gallery of Art, Dublin Dance Festival, Galway Film Fleadh. Mary was appointed Limerick Dance Artist in Residence 2015-2019 and is a curator and co-founder of Light Moves Festival of Screendance. 

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